Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

By now I've leaked some highlights (here and here) from our RV trip. But wait, there's more. Our first stop was Zion National Park. I try to make a practice of not having expectations on trips other than what I must consider and anticipate as a mom. There can just be so many variables like weather, kids, moods, mechanical trouble-you get the jist. Plus, for me, too much expectation usually leads to disappointment--even if there is something really great right in front of me.


This approach has served me well and Zion was no exception. I didn't expect such awe inspiring landscape. The colors, the smells, the textures; all together took me away on more than one occassion.


Zion is a great mix of nature's finest. The beautiful cliffs with amazing strata combined with great foliage and water. Plenty of waterfalls are waiting to be discovered on the trails and our 'home base' was right on the river. (Oh how I love falling into a slumber listening to the sound of water.)


There is a trail for everyone. We managed the three mile hike to the lower and upper (Emerald Pool) pools. With a good review of poison ivy and oak along the way, the big kids explored with gusto and Parker made a great effort (also taking breaks in the backpack).

We opted out of a tougher group hike even though we were tempted. Instead we biked through the canyon with our sweet lab in tow. We stopped to picnic and finished the big ride (over six bridges--yes, we were counting) with some cool ice cream cones. A most perfect morning.


Future trips will most certainly include some river rafting and hiking the narrows. If you have an opportunity to visit Zion you would be hard-pressed not to absolutely love it. What a great reconnection to a natural treasure. So pure and beautiful.

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mybelle68 said...

It looks amazing. MAybe an RV trip isn't so bad.