Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Adventurers

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Our recent RV trip cemented a few things the husband and I had thought to be true--now we know to be true.

1. We are blessed to have three great adventurers as children.
2. We are somewhat cursed to have three great adventurers as children.

Let me explain. Before kids we were weekend warriors. We worked hard and played hard on the weekends; mostly of the outdoor variety. We vowed when we had kids, as most parents do, that we weren't going to stop doing the things we love but just pack them on and go. And that's exactly what we've done.

Depending on their age and our destination different elements come into play. For example, heading to Hawaii with a six month old is primo, perfecto timing. They sleep well on the flight, they are hardy enough for the distance and the lugging but not mobile enough to give you grief. Perfectly suited for a backpack and happy to stroll along while mom and dad enjoy happy hour and poo poos.

So, it is in this vane that we have chosen our trips in our 7+ years with kids. This year is no different except that they have begun to emerge as little adventurers themselves. This last trip had some very strategic travel times mapped out so that we could go the longest distance while they ALLEGEDLY slept. We had them sleep in the RV the night before roll out so we wouldn't even have to wake anyone in transfer, thus ensuring a peaceful, textbook, well-planned drive to Zion.

Instead, with the first roll of the tires, eyes popped open (4:30 am!), and excitement reigned. For 9 1/2 hours not one of my three precious, dear children slept or plugged into a movie. I slept 4 hours the night before departure and was very interested in napping through the icky drive from So Cal to Vegas (there is NOTHING interesting there, folks). But they didn't mind at all. Adventures await.

So, with that, my husband and I realized our kids are chips off the old blocks and like a good adventure. We can plan but the first thing one knows about traveling with kids is that we must be flexible and adaptable. They are up for most anything and they are present in it. As hard as that first leg was for me (feeling like a underpaid flight attendant) it's so fun to know we have little travelers on our hands who aren't being dragged along mom and dad's trip but are actually up for most anything that's out there -- at least so far.

Stay tuned. I am pouring through a LOT of pictures and will post more on the trip soon. It's too good not to share.

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Joanne said...

That is totally how my kids are. Elizabeth is started doing a music camp this week. She came in our room at 11:40pm Sunday night dressed and ready to go. "I am ready, is it time to go yet? You guys should get up!" Uh yeah, please go back to bed and sleep for at least 6 more hours then we can get up and go.