Monday, November 9, 2009

Grateful for 'I'ntuition

Monday, November 9, 2009


I is for intuition

I am grateful for a strong intuition that I rely on every single day. It's that spirit inside that guides and steers. Life has so many shades of grey and I am grateful that my intuition helps me move along and progress when the correct path isn't always so obvious or even visible.

Without intuition how would I have known, at that moment in my office in 1999, to pick up the phone and change my fate? I had a very specific moment in time when a feeling came over me that my now-husband was different than the others, in a good way. I recall thinking that the flowers he had just sent me were beautiful but so much more. They were a bridge to a new level of awareness about us. Up until that moment I had not valued the relationship in its infancy. I was too distracted and frankly, thought I wasn't interested in seriously dating for awhile.

At that moment I had a very strong sense that he was special and this was very different. I had an about-face and realized it would be up to me to acknowledge these feelings and not screw things up (truly the thought I had). I could have ignored my gut, and stuck to my plan to not date anyone for awhile, but I knew it was a pivotal moment and my intuition guided me to him. (For story sake I will add that he played his cards exceptionally well from that point forward. Looks like we both had a little intuition intervention.)

So, for intuition guiding me to my dear husband and throughout my life, I am grateful.

What are you grateful for today?


mybelle68 said...

"Innocence".I am grateful for my childerens innocence. They are still at young age, where things are not too grown-up yet. Santa, tooth fairy ( or Pirate), don't make that face or it will stay that way. They are believers and have not been face with a big kid who has crushed it all yet. I love that they beleive in all the things that make the sweet innocence of childhood.

Adrienne Hedger said...

Illustrators. Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes), Mo Willems (Pigeon series), David Shannon (No David!) and one and on. So many great ones. Thankful for them all.

Anonymous said...

Irma. My mom. My cheerleader. My rock! Love her & so grateful for her!!

Emily said...

This is a very cute pic!