Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grateful for 'J'ourneys

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


J is for joy-filled journeys

We are adventurers and love to get out and go whenever we can. I am grateful for the opportunities big and small, literal and figurative. It's on these journeys that we grow and dream and gain perspective.

Traveling as a family is high on our list of musts. We value discovering new places, people, food and nature together. And also the way we pull in and operate as a totally dependent unit. We're pretty tight around the homestead but traveling bonds us even more and I am grateful for those moments of being together in a place other than our home. We've had good, bad and ugly and the memories we make and cherish most always include simple times on our path to....

And, of course, I do love wondering what might be around the bend.



Adrienne Hedger said...

Good one for J! I LOVE that photo. I want it framed and hanging in my office. Can you do that for me?

I will submit another "J" idea: Jack. A person who always has an encouraging word to share. A person who goes out of his way to nurture every soul he encounters. A person who starts each morning by jumping out of bed and shouting, "World, I'm ready to let my positivity shine through today!"

mybelle68 said...

Jokes,my family has always been great joke tellers ( or story tellers). Not anyone can pull it off. My Dad's side of the family cracks me up to no end, with there wit and humor. I am thankful for a good laugh that follows the a good joke.

Anonymous said...

Jesus. What life is about.