Monday, November 9, 2009

Grateful for 'H'ealth

Monday, November 9, 2009


H is for good health

I had originally planned to post on how grateful I am for our home. That it is such an important place of rest and restoration, heart and soul. That is, until my second choice trumped home and warranted a first place position.

So, I bring you my gratitude for health. My oldest was hit by THE flu this week/weekend. And while I conceptually believe in good health we don't get sick very often and don't have to feel deep pains of severe health challenges. For that I am grateful.

We take the approach of being as healthy as we can and work to prevent illness and disease as much as possible. We strive for all five of us (including Parker--even though he seems to be on a different agenda) to have good rest, healthy diets (low sugar, little-to-no processed food, little meat, low dairy and high on whole foods and veggies), plus some favored supplements. We are sure to get our extra vitamin A&D, high on vitamin C right now in flu season, and probiotics. A few supplements come into play here and there but we try to arm our immune system to be ready for battle. There is far more power on that side than once we've been hit, know what I mean?

Christopher is seemingly on the mend and with any luck the rest of us have dodged the bullet (fingers and toes crossed). The irony of this post being due on a day when I was contemplating a trip to urgent care (I REALLY don't like hospitals or germ infested places so that's saying a lot), is not lost on me. I think it's no coincidence that my gratitude for good health (relatively speaking) is punctuated with a challenge.

Let us take nothing for granted and appreciate the very basic wellness we have most days of our lives.

P.S. Extra shout out to Emily. I know she shares in my gratitude for good health!


Adrienne Hedger said...

Health is a good one. So easy to take it for granted... and a serious wake-up call when it goes away for a while.

Another "H" would be the global headquarters of Hedger Communications. It's a company with a unique policy toward health. Do not go outside (indeed, do not even get dressed to go outside). If you just sit in a chair all day and don't really move, you reduce your risk of exposure.

Emily said...

Health is a wonderful thing to be thankful for! It's a challenge sometimes, but well worth the effort. Especially when you have one the wake-up calls that I did!

mybelle68 said...

I too have Health on my list of gratitude. Earlier this year, I had broke my collar bone, and rib. I was stuck notbeing able to do anything for about a month and a half. Oh how I learned to love and miss my healthy bones in that time. Life is so much more enjoyable when you are healthy and strong. I give thanks for my healthy body.

Anonymous said...


But since everyone has said that I'm trying to think of something new for H...

Happy marriage!! I know they are few & far between & I am so grateful for our happy marriage!!