Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grateful for 'G'race

Saturday, November 7, 2009


G is for grace

Grace is such a powerful virtue.
It is with grace that icky things are made tolerable and mediocre can be beautiful.
For this I am grateful.

Note: Applying the word of the day, I find this is an especially suitable post. I have some kiddos that are not up to snuff. My well-laid plans for these few days are out and we have to just rest and mend. And God willing keep this flu quarantined (Mama doesn't get any sick days!) In the midst of all, there is grace.


mybelle68 said...

I am so thankful for "Grandparents", now that I'm older I only have one grandparent left. My grandparents played a huge role in my life. They were my friends, playmates,caregivers, opponets, tooth pullers,teachers so many things to me . I know I'm a lucky person to have been so close to all four of my grandparetns. ( and a couple great grandparents too). I am thankful I was able to know and love my grandparents, they helped make me who I am.

Adrienne Hedger said...

On a crunchier note: Granola. Mix it in with yogurt and raisins. Or just eat a handful plain. Yum. It just tastes like thankfulness, you know?

Anonymous said...

I have to go with MyBelle and say Grandparents. Not mine (I was only able to know 1 grandparent and he was wonderful, but he has passed also...), but I mean my kids grandparents!! I don't know what I would do without them as a parent and I love to see the relationship they have with me kids. It's so special and we all adore them!!