Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Grand Canyon, North Rim

Thursday, July 9, 2009
Finally I get to posting the second leg of our roadtrip. We left Zion and headed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It's a much less traveled road with only about 10% of the visitors as the South Rim. That fact alone was very appealing to us.


There is only one campsite and one lodging area. But there are splendid. The sites in the campground are large and spacious (not parking lot camping here). It is a quiet campground (until we roll in) and you can feel that you are surrounded by outdoor enthusiasts.


We arrived in late May and the weather is still very cool. There was some hail and I was wishing I had my trusty Ugg boots with me. I had certain thoughts about it being Cullen country and kept a close eye on my adventurers. That said, the crispness was refreshing and the days were perfectly pleasant and fantastic for hiking.


A few more highlights from the Grand Canyon:


Discoveries. Making new feathered friends.


Exploring. Lots of exploring.

Appreciation. Truly majestic.


Sinking into the canyon.


Naturally, a pick up game of ball.


Good campfires. Building fires was certainly a highlight for some of our campers.

Nice down time. Even with an extra load sleeping in the pack the peaceful, quiet surroundings rejuevenate.

Truth be told we rolled out of this leg a bit early and headed to our next spot. It was a little cool and we had minor technical trouble with our rented RV. With no regrets this was a lovely spot on our trip.


mybelle68 said...

what a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!