Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009
I'm not a big pusher of things on this here blog but when I come across something you really must know about, I feel compelled to share. The hilarious book Momnesia is just one of those things.
It's the second installment from Adrienne Hedger (my good friend!) and Shannon Payette Seip. As it's predecessor, If These Boobs Could Talk, explored the phenomenal experience of breastfeeding, this is a humorous guide to surviving your post baby brain. What happened to your witty ways?!

This how-to guide is filled with coping tips, brain boosters and just plain funny stories.
I can relate all too well to what seem like extreme mockeries. I doubt I'm alone.

Momnesia is one of my favorite gifts to give, especially for Mother's Day. (Buy it here or here.)There are more of us out there than we realize. We try to keep it all together, but there are those moments in motherhood where our brain feels a little mushy. This book certainly captures those moments and sprinkles in a few brain boosters to help reclaim our 'smarts'. It's a great antidote to the 'uber mom' expectations that we can fall victim to.

If These Boobs Could Talk is my favorite baby gift (remember this post?). Now I have the perfect pairing to round it out.

Be sure to check out their new blog. More of the same relatable humor I love.

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