Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If These Boobs Could Talk

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's not often you'll find me shamelessly promoting something. I like to share a good find when I come across it but I try to reserve those moments to protect my integrity with my oh-so-loyal readers. Today, however, I am unabashedly pushing If These Boobs Could Talk.
If you are a nursing mother or if you know a woman who will one day in her life be nursing, this is THE gift you need to get her (or yourself). Where else will you learn the top 10 things breastfeeding boobs would say, or the top ten things that are worse than feeling like a dairy cow, or even tips on how to handle a nursing strike (I could go on!)? I assure you, this isn't your average breastfeeding guide book. As the tagline promises, it's just "a little humor to pump up the breastfeeding mom". I challenge anyone who can get past the first few pages without so much as a chuckle (which incidentally is exactly what any nursing mom needs). This book will make you cry, and it doesn't have to be from sleep deprivation or engorgement, although that is entirely permissable.

Oh yeah, I happen to be dear friends with one of the authors and illustrator, Adrienne Hedger. I like to think I contributed to some of the musings and antics as we embarked on our dairy drive together. Either way, this is my very favorite gift to give any new mother. And I'm not alone. See what others are saying here and here.

To get your copy, go here. Keep on the look out for their next book out in March, Momnesia. I KNOW I provided some inspiration for that one (which may not be my most shining moments as a mom), but more on that later.

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Adrienne Hedger said...

This is your best post yet. I am buying 100 copies of this book immediately.