Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anytime Goodie Bags

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Anna recently had her turn as 'queen of the week' in her class. She has an amazing teacher who really makes the kids feel special. One of our 'queen' moments included Christopher (big brother, whoa) reading Anna's Magic Tea Party. It is a very special book that our dear friend, Adrienne, wrote and illustrated for Anna on her fourth birthday.
As a little treat to her classmates I put together gift bags. Instead of some throw away plastic item from the party store or bad candy that personally makes me cringe, I opted to put together these simple and very affordable inspiration bags.
I wanted to build on the enthusiasm and inspiration the kids had after reading Anna's Magic Tea Party. We had a good discussion (you know, me and 18 kindergartners) about how they could be authors and illustrators of their own fabulous stories. And, you never know when inspiration may hit.

Included in the goody bags:
Notebook: I am big fan of the $1 bin at Target. There is a lot of junk there but also some gems. During Valentine's there were 15 notepads for $1 (or something nonsensical like that). I grabbed a few sets knowing I would certainly find a good use for flip flop note pads.
Mini Pencils: I love the mini pencil sets from Twig and Thistle's Etsy Shop. They are perfect for so many things. I love the color selection too.
Erasers: The cool Japanese erasers (that the kids don't even use as erasers) are all the rage. I found these adorable fruits (which also happened to be Anna's favorites; apples and strawberries) for just over a quarter each.
Packaged with a cute ribbon and punched note 'from Anna' and voila. Fast, easy and very affordable. These goodie bags could be adapted and used for almost any occasion. Certainly a staple for me.
P.S. Don't be alarmed by Christopher's tie. It happened to be chapel day. He doesn't wear it every day.