Monday, February 23, 2009

Artist Cards

Monday, February 23, 2009

Remember our trip to the snow with fifteen kids under one roof (here, here, and here)? I know it sounds completely absurd and I would never venture such a feat if it wasn't for this crowd. It totally works. This an annual trip with our neighbors. We live like a village throughout the year and when we can't get enough of each other we head up to the mountains and live a little closer--under one roof. (For the record we started this adventure before half the kids were even a thought. So we have grown into it and it's a nice trip that our family certainly cherishes.)

One of the credits for success is that we have a creative crowd. The kids love to do anything artistic. It breaks up the 'down time' and gives them a chance to chill without burning out. So, this year I got a hold of the coloring cards from Little Brown Pen and made a batch for everyone (on cardstock). The kids were delighted with the designs. What made the even a little more special is that we turned them into artist trading cards, as I hoped here. (BTW, notice even grown ups took a turn with the cards?!)

Image via Little Brown Pen

You know you have a good thing going when the moms sneak away for some outdoor girl time and the kids are happily coloring away with the dad(s) on duty. It's as if we weren't even missed.

Authentic creative fun. Hard to beat in my book.

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