Friday, August 8, 2008

A Little Help With Style

Friday, August 8, 2008
I clicked my way to this great tool . Discovered at just the right time. As you know, the husband and I have been working to define our taste a little since we are at a fork in the road with some home improvements. This is a fun survey to help sift through all the choices out there.

A few words of caution...You can't sit on the fence with this. You have to make a decisive stance in order to go on to the next gallery of choices (this proved to be a challenge for me since a few times my selection wasn't there). Also, I'm not convinved that the initial results are a good reflection of what I like, or maybe they are and I am just not in touch with my own 'style'. (Really, my problem is that I like A LOT of different things. I'm adaptable like that.)

Regardless, I will be taking this several times over and strong-arming the husband to try it.

Incidently, my first time through determined my style is 'family favorites'. Timeless and classic. The definition is spot on but the visuals didn't light me up. What is your style? I am so curious!


mybelle68 said...

Well I wasn't happy with what they called my style. Classic Country.( ouch) But when I recapped at the end and it recommened items to make a room work... I liked them or had them . It was fun. Thanks for this one.
I love the picutre of the bedroom, on this post ,I really like the love letter on the wall. I know... I'm so country.

180/360 said...

That was cool. Mine came out as Earth Mother. But several were really hard to pick from as I liked them all.