Friday, August 8, 2008

The World Is A Little Smaller

Friday, August 8, 2008
I will not post everyday on the Olympics, we have plenty of international sports journalists handling that. I do, however, predict that the family will be closely following the games. It's a time when the world seems a little smaller and the stories of sacrifice and commitment inspire. I love that the Olympics bring out the best in you and raise your level of play, whatever you happen to be doing.

As a mom, I cherish the dreams that are being made this summer as my kids watch wide-eyed for the first time. It's such a wonderful chance to see what hard work can do for someone. I had dreams myself once. I am touched by the dedication these athletes and their families endure for the their dreams.

We live in such a great time with luxuries like TiVo and You Tube. We can catch as much of that spirit as we want. The technological advances we've had even just since the last summer games delight me (and I am sure I don't even know all that is available, being that I'm not so techy savvy). I especially like NBC's resources pages. You can find a great summary of the action, medals, and overall activity while also being able to go deeper in the sports or athletes who you are following.

No doubt it's highly commercialized, but I choose to see beyond that and celebrate the camaraderie and human spirit alive and well. Oh yeah, and I LOVE a good competition!

Photo from BBC Sport

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