Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Floors Do You Dance On?

Saturday, August 2, 2008
The husband and I are experiencing a minor breakthrough in our flooring dilemma. You see, we have been desperately trying to decide what we are going to replace our wood floors with. The possibilities are growing rather than narrowing. It shouldn't be so hard but we have actually taken on too many decisions at one time--at least too many for us.

We like to be thorough and practical but are finally evolving into a desire for a style. Something more specific and defined. We like a lot of things and maybe have been too broad. Now we want to narrow things and get off the design fence. You know, instead of the career quandary What Color is Your Parachute we are wondering What Shape is Our Vase? or What Kind of Floor Do We Dance On?
So we are brainstorming and considering stone or tile or travertine or even back to wood floors and realize how many things are linked. Before we tip that first domino in a long chain of projects we want to be heading in an intentional desired direction, design wise. We are finally ready to label ourselves!

I am pouring over design magazines and being a regular mouse potato. I came across this great piece from House Beautiful. What should every living room have? You might be surprised. What do you think MAKES the room? (And what kind of floor to you have? Do you love it?)


Live, Love, Laugh said...

I personally like wood floors. I feel they bring a warmth to a home that other flooring choices don't.

Anonymous said...

We do love our bamboo floors! But I think a family room needs a big rug over the wood floors to make it cozier. Good luck. I'm sure you'll love whatever you choose.

jora said...

I love to put something in each room that has a story behind it...a trip, something from childhood, a gift. I laughed out loud about the whole "what shape is your vase?", etc. Too funny!