Thursday, December 30, 2010

Archiving Christmas [Photo] Cards

Thursday, December 30, 2010

There was a time, long ago, when I thought I wanted to be a scrapbooker. I'm crafty and I love all the supplies, but really I think it was more drawn to the archival aspect of the craft. My luke-warm commitment can most certainly be linked to my lack of patience for the detail that yields just one page. My visions far surpass my results. I peter out before I complete my grand plan. Not surprisingly, I have plenty of albums started but not too many completed.

2010-Dec 003

My Christmas Album however, is a mark of pride. Not because the pages within it are awe inspiring but because it is filled with Christmas cards from our friends and family since the beginning of our marriage and theirs. Our 'peeps' shared the highlights of their lives and as we flip through the pages we go back to some of those forgotten moments.

2010-Dec 006

Each year I start with our family photo card and letter and thoughtfully group together the photo cards we receive into a set of following pages.

2010-Dec 007

It was a small enough project for me to accomplish in one sitting, and now, ten years later I truly appreciate the time I took to put those cards into the album. My style has changed significantly but that is part of the charm. Recording it, as it is 'now'.

2010-Dec 008

When we are raising a family, building a career or just getting by, we don't often stop and cherish the moments. But over time, when we look back, we recall how much things have changed or how some of the most important things have remained the same. Pulling the album out each year and remembering the folks we have shared a season or more with helps make our micro world a little more macro.

2010-Dec 009

As our family grew and the album reached it's capacity, so did my scrapbooking. Instead of adding a second volume to the collection, I now capture all our photos, hole punch them and add them to a ring--with our photo and letter leading the pack. It's the best I can do these days and while it may not have all the extra borders or stickers or labels, it is a doable means for me to still archive photos that we can bring out over the holidays and remember....

2010-Dec 011

The simplicity and pureness of this level of archiving speaks to me and where I am now-a-days. I'm glad I did more when I had the time, but I'm just as happy with these too. The intent and results are the same. If you have made the effort to send us a photo card over the years, chances are good you are in our pages and we think of you each holiday.

2010-Dec 002

Cheers and Happy New Year!


mybelle68 said...

I do this too. But I add a ribbon and a tag with the year on it. I toss in bolw so people can check out holiday greetings from years past.

180|360 said...

I am totally impressed! I have a file for some of my friends' photos, but mostly just the ones I've shot (eeps!) And I won't even tell you how behind on albums I am. I've actually given up altogether that I'll ever catch up on those!