Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glamping With Kids?

Thursday, May 13, 2010
tent 2

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Since this appears to be the year to stretch and reshape me, why not just go big and add on tent camping...with the kids.

I used to camp, in college and even in the early years with D. It was fun and even a bit romantic. There weren't children to tend to. I wasn't haunted by dirty feet in the tent or hauling off to a bathroom in the middle of the night with a wee one. It involved good noshing, great books and endless games of cribbage and backgammon. Oh yes, and naps any time.


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D could have a legitimate case against me with a bait and switch. Since I had children, I declared that I had graduated from tenting it. My life involves a lot serving and tending to others. Why in the hay hoo would I to want make things any harder by doing it all in the elements?! I've gone soft.

An RV or a trailer suits me just fine. I can enjoy our outdoor adventures (the more pristine, the better) and then retreat to a warm cozy bed. All nice and tidy. I can escape the wind or dirt or cold/heat and engage in said games. Primarily I can cook good food easily. And so, we have a lovely trailer lined up for our Memorial Day getaway.

But now another trip has landed in our laps. The timing lines up perfectly. A site which normally books a year in advance became available. It was as if it was booked for us. Good friends are veterans of the trip and have a fantastic crew going , with lots of playmates for us. And best of all, we'd be boating for a week on a wide open lake.

Husband and the kids really want to go. I seem to be the hold out, which is a violation of my core self. We are doers and like to try new things and yet I may be the reason we don't do this. To load the deck even more in their favor, (read: me against them) the trip falls on Father's Day. Ugh!

How can I say no to a family who wants to explore and be a week of boating?! The answer: Because it involves roughing it--TENT CAMPING!

tent 3

{Image from glamping experts at El Capitan Canyon. Via Cookie Mag RIP}

So, I conceded and I am vowing to have fun. I love a good boating trip. I'm embracing the challenge and not going to be soft. I am pulling out all my archived copies of Sunset (and justifying why I have saved them to begin with) . Pouring through the pages for inspiration and looking for fantastic, but easy, recipes. I do not plan to skimp on flavor, my friends.

I don't know if our adventure will classify as glamping but for now, that's my inspiration. If you, dear lurkers, have any tips or eye candy to inspire me, please share.

For starters, I'm taking a few tips from this article. (via Glamping Girl)

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180|360 said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes! I grew up as a "camper" and it kind of kills me that I haven't taken my children camping yet. It was such a part of my youth and upbringing that I almost feel like less of an Alaskan somehow for not "going there" yet.