Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Sleuth [Nancy Drew] Party Invitations

Thursday, March 11, 2010
We are deep in projects and preparations for Anna's 7th birthday. This year we will be celebrating on vacation with family friends (Remember how crazy we are?!). Since we've been intrigued by a good mystery and feel we have some super sleuths among us, the Mystery at Mammoth Mansion appears to be developing into quite a 'who done it?' situation.

AC 7th Bday 001

Invites set the stage for a serious mystery that needs to be solved. Each guest has been given a password (pocket necklace). Nancy Drew is the inspiration for the 12 girls and Sherlock will guide the 3 (only three, two of which are mine) boys. The individual passwords, written in invisible ink, will be checked at the door to confirm they are, in fact, on the guest list. We can't allow for imposters!

AC 7th Bday 014

More to come....


LG said...

this sounds so cool! you always do really interesting parties. love the invisible ink idea. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Elizabeth said...

love this idea! brings back so many memories :)

mybelle68 said...

Wow!! I love it. Sooooo fun. Super cute invite.

Karina said...

Sounds like fun - the invites and secret passwords turned out fantastic. Can't wait to hear how it all comes together.

Lindsay said...

Love this party idea! I can only find 2 blog posts (this one and the bag one) about this Nancy Drew party. Did you ever finish documenting the party? My daughter loves the Nancy Drew series and I'm thinking your party would be a great inspiration for hers this summer!
Feel free to email me at Lindslane82 {at} if you wouldnt mind sharing more details and pictures (if theyre not blogged)