Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heard of it yet? You must check Evernote out.
Finally, one stop for my plentiful lists of ideas. (There's an iPhone app too.)


grantl said...

what is this? another blog site? are you switching?

Pittsy said...

No. It's a way to capture ideas in one place. I read a lot of blogs that ignite a little flicker of inspiration but sometimes I'm spread out and can't remember how or where I saved that idea. So, this is a tool to put everything in one spot--whether from my iphone, or laptop or desktop...Just and organizing tool for weirdos like me.

Josh Grossman said...

Hi Pittsy,

I'm Josh from Springpad. Since you're an Evernote user, I wanted to let you know about Springpad as well. Springpad is a free application to help you quickly save anything you want to remember. We're similar to Evernote in that you can save anything from anywhere (iPhone app just released last week). But, we think our system is bit more user friendly, and we automatically categorize and enhance the notes you save with relevant info to save you time and money. For example, if you save a product, we'll display price comparisons and links to shopping sites. Save a restaurant, and we'll give you the directions, links to Yelp and Open Table. Save a recipe and you can search for coupons and add it to a shopping list. Our iPhone app also scans barcodes, stores pictures, and uses the geo-locator to help you save restaurants and businesses. The goal is to not only help you remember things, but become your digital assistant. Hope you get a chance to check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.