Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I made the switch to an iPhone almost a year ago and I never looked back. Apple makes everything easy. I am a busy lady and multitask a lot (sound familiar?). I have limited computer time and am on the go a lot. The iPhone helps me keep things in motion (email, scheduling, etc.) and that really works for our lifestyle.

I am sure I am not alone in this and thought I'd share some of my most favorite iPhone/iTouch apps. I'll start with lifestyle apps I use. Future feature(s) will include ones that my kids love when they hijack my phone. I'm feeling frugal of late, so most of my apps are free or almost free.

Around Me: Allows you to quickly find things that are around you. I use this app A LOT. During the holidays I wasn't about to stand in the long lines at the Post Office with my very busy little helper. So, I proceeded on with my errands and used Around Me to find a sweet little Post Office tucked a mile from me with no line. This is an especially good app if you are in an area you aren't very familiar with. Excellent for traveling.

AppBox [Lite]: This is a fun app with a few features I really use and some I just haven't spent time to get to know. I like this one for tracking special days (especially my special cyclical days, wink, wink). There is a fun countdown feature for a special date (think vacation, holiday, party, etc.). It also has a tip calculator, a unit converter currency exchange....Lots of fun stuff to help a sister out.

Amazon: Well this is obvious. I use this a lot when I am out and about. I like the wishlist feature with Amazon and this allows me to add something to my kids' wishlists, for example, right away. That's sort of how I have to roll whenever possible. It's a now or never approach, and this gives me the now. (For the record, I review my wishlists and refine my choices too.)

Amazon Kindle: I don't have a real Kindle but this makes me feel like I do. My oldest (7) is currently reading a mystery with this app. Very fun (but a bit small).

Camera Bag: Just a fun photo enhancer. There are lots of these types of apps out there. This one is pretty simple with just a few choices. I like.

Gas Bag: Best for traveling out of your normal gas station route. Helps you find the cheapest gas around you.

Pandora: Pul-eeze tell me you know of this app. It's essential for everyone. I mean everyone! It's great for listening to music from your favorite artists and some new folks in the same genre. I've found some goodies with this lovely app.

Where: Similar to Around Me. I used this one more before Around Me. It's good for more in depth local weather tracking, news, etc. More of a local barometer.

Facebook & Twitter (Echofon & TweetDeck): Social media at your finger tips at all times. Sort of a little much but there if you want it.

Surf Report: I'm just a wanna be surfer still (this summer, this summer....) but we hit the beach a lot. I like this app for checking the tides, water temp, size and basic beach conditions like sunset, etc.

I showed you mine, now you show me yours. If you have any that you love, please share. I really do love it when lurkers bother to comment.

[Update: Whether you have an iPhone or a Blackberry or a regular cell phone, you can help the Haiti relief effort simply by texting 'HAITI' to 90999. Easy and so necessary. Please give in some way.]

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Anonymous said...

My favorites are the Apps I have for my kids! Very entertaining at restaurants! (Good thing Chad and I both have iphones so they both get entertained!) We have Math Drills & other games for Emma and preschool apps for Lia (Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald). Both girls LOVE "Scoops" where you have to catch the falling ice cream scoops on the cone.

I have the Bible app, so I don't even carry my bible to church anymore... hope the pastor doesn't think I'm texting! ;-) I use the Weather app and Facebook everyday. When I'm bored I play Tetris or Sudoku.

I just downloaded 2 daily devotional apps since I never seem to get to it anymore... now it's with me all the time. We'll see how successful that is!