Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gift Ideas and Some Stitchery

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
When it comes to gift giving for classmate, sometime it can be a challenge. You don't always know the child well and what really lights them up (and I am a fan of thoughtful gifts, even if they aren't for people close to you.). Do they already have that toy? What if they really hate legos? So, we tend towards gifts that are a little bit different and personalized, if possible. A good read or something creative are always my first choice.

Some of my go-to gift ideas:

: A favorite book with personalized book plates (so great for emerging readers like K and 1st graders)

: A favorite craft book with accompanying supplies

: A nice journal with personalized pencils

You get the drift.


One of our recent favorites was a little stamping kit and a homemade bag. Included in the very simple drawstring bag were fun birthday stamps, a personalized stamp with the birthday girl's name, a stitched book for stamping, gel pens and some stickers.


These bags are incredibly rudimentary but that's the level of seamstress I am right now (and I'm so ok with that that I am even posting it for you all to see. Baby steps, my friends.).

And since my little helper was somewhat fascinated with the process and allowed me to complete these, I whipped up a quick bag for him to stash his crayons in. It seemed like a win-win.

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mybelle68 said...

I love the hand made bag. So useful. When the boys where little I would ask my mom to make big bags like that for Lego's and other toys. Sometimes she would make a matching blanket to go inside. Very good Pittsy.