Friday, November 20, 2009

Grateful for 'T'hriving

Friday, November 20, 2009


That's my brave girl going for it!

T is for thriving

A big theme for me this year has been thriving. With a few setbacks and bruises from the economic dip we have been evaluating all sorts of things. It's been a very good process and I know I sound like a freak but I do appreciate the chance to really review things. Why are we making the choices we're making? Can we do better?

I'm not a fan of default thinking and just getting by. Living with intention and striving are core values for me. So we have been thinking a lot about what stays and what goes and what is optional and what is not. I can assure you with full confidence that some of what we have assessed to stick around (thus stretching us fully) would be optional for others.

With not a thought of judgement or evaluation for anyone else's choices, we have been very aware of the decisions that don't just result in survival but in actually thriving. A key question we often use as a filter is, "Is this the best we can do? Or can we/they (the kids) thrive with a different choice?"

I'm fiercely protective of things which can't be undone; exposure that can't be explained away. So, we've chosen to run a tight ship by some standards but certainly feel that that the rewards are in the fruit. The kids have opportunities to thrive rather than just get by.

We constantly evaluate our decision and adjust as needed. I am so grateful for the choices I have to allow myself and my family to thrive; not just get by.

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mybelle68 said...

Traveling. I am thankful for our times of travel. Anyplace that is 45 minutes away and we get to stay overnight,That is a trip to me. I love to travel for many reasons, but mostly it makes me stop working about, doing laundry, checking e-mails, cleaning up, cooking. My little family is all on the same page, let's have fun and be together.