Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grateful for 'E'xpression

Thursday, November 5, 2009


E is for expression

Self expression can manifest is such a variety of ways. Many of which inspire me deeply. Some may say that expression should be reserved and is prettiest when wrapped up in a perfectly honed box, but for me trying and getting 'it' out is a good start.

I am grateful for effective communicative expression (no hard feelings that way--you always know where you stand and nothing harbors or builds).

I am grateful for creative expression--ALL TYPES. So much of my creative inspiration comes from expression through music, photography, written word and varying art forms.

I am grateful for occasional exuberant expression. The unexpected is so refreshing and alive. And we are meant to live, people!

I am grateful for eccentric expression. It's not so much the direction I would personally go to express myself but it just underscores the uniqueness of us all and I can very much appreciate an eccentric expression, for the sake of expression and honoring that.

I am grateful for Madonna who so perfectly commanded us to "vogue..and express ourselves."

I saw a lapse yesterday. Some of you emailed me directly. Don't be shy. EXPRESS YOURSELF. What are you grateful for (today is 'E')?


jora said...

Emilia. That's all. :)

Anonymous said...


mybelle68 said...

E-mail. I love that I can communicate with my far away friends for free thru e-mail. E-mail has really changed my life. When I can't sleep and it's 2;30 in the morning I can't call my friends up and wake them, but I sure can drop them an e-mail, either keep them up to date on whatsup or reply when I have a free moment. I am thankful for being a mom during the time of e-mail.

Goodnight Plum said...

So fun to read what you are thankful for. I've borrowed your idea and am walking my way though the alphabet with my gratitude. Thanks for all your great inspiration, always ;).