Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Brunch

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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One of my most favorite people, Michelle, celebrates her birthday today. And somehow, even though we live almost a Southern California hour away from each we managed to squeeze in a brunch at the Ramos House Café. I love this place so much I almost want to keep it to myself. But because I know you'll love it too, I decided you had to partly experience it with us.

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Signature Bloody Mary and Pomegranate Mimosa.

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We started with a little sweet and a little savory. I can barely describe the Bloody Mary except that is was for sure the best I've ever had. Heavy on flavor, with green beans, greens and crab. Topped with scotch quail eggs (quail egg wrapped in Italian sausage and flash fried to perfection). Presentation fantasma aside, this started our brunch off right. The mimosa was nothing to complain about either.

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Part of the charm of this lovely home-style gem is that the chef lives and works on-site, grows the herbs in the garden and even churns the ice cream on the back porch. The menu changes frequently and is full of the most interesting combinations. We were hard pressed to make a decision for our brunch. The popcorn soup was too intriguing to pass up. It's a corn chowder with a seared avocado slice. Topped with popcorn drizzled with truffle oil. D-lish!

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Our entree (split) was the Flannel Hash with Fried Poached Eggs and Goat Cheese Hollandaise. It was the most amazing beet and fennel goodness I have ever had. And now I want more.

There's something very special about sharing a good meal with a good friend. I am glad we could make it happen--and even on her special day (yay!). Our time was cut short with my girl in sick bay at school. Nurse Mama to the rescue with a full belly and happy heart.

Happy Birthday Michelle.

{I hadn't planned on documenting our brunch so the pictures are from my lovely iPhone. Pardon the imperfections.}


mybelle68 said...

I had the best time, I can't stop talking about our visit to the Ramos House And by the way you are one of my favorite people too. That's why I made time for you ( LOL)

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Ok - totally jealous over here! Your meal and company looks wonderful. So glad you got to get away.