Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sista Shoutout: Michelle

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today is a dear friend's special birthday. I am compelled to make a public declaration of celebration for her since she is so inspiring in so many ways. This blog is a place for my inspirations and whimsical thoughts. As much as it may seem like a download of the Bjs at times there is far more that is conjured up that doesn't make it to post.

That's where dear Michelle comes in. She is privy (I choose to look at it as a privilege rather than a burden) to my most Lucy thoughts of all. And she still hangs with me! That alone should be exhibition of what a good friend she is. But wait, there's more...

She's a party planner extraordinaire. She can take an excellent party like this one and make it even better by being a wonderful hostess. Not only to you have a blast and enjoy wonderful food with every last detail seemingly effortlessly considered, but you always feel welcome in her home.

She's got great taste in decor and fashion and is current with the haps without being snotty or unapproachable.

She's room mom and banner mom and snack mom and .....

She's super fun and will 'go there' with me--rarely being caught up in "where" there actually is.

She can rock to JM. (double points!)

She's cultured and hip at the same time.

She's creative in everything she does.

She won't squawk at my alternatives in health care and diet and will often have a tip or two for me.

But most of all she is a thoughtful, giving person who will push herself to exhaustion without complaint if it means helping someone else. She is a wonderful mom, wife and friend and a creative being. My favorite things in one package!

So Happy Birthday, Michelle. You are a gift to those who get to share your life. Cheers.


jora said...

Happy Birthday! I can't wait to meet MyBelle in person. :) She sounds like a fantastic (and talented) friend.

mybelle68 said...

You like me ,You like me, You realy like me. What a wonderfil birthday message. You are too nice, thanks for the Shoutout.