Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Wednesday, July 30, 2008
I have been in a funk since Sunday's John Mayer show. The big let down after the super electric high!

I make no apologies for my affection for John Mayer. Objectively, he is AMAZING. Musically he is compared to Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and the like. It's not a teeny bopper infatuation as much as it a deep respect for his art and how it impacts me. You know when you feel that connection, deep in your core? The one where you feel alive and in the flow? John Mayer does that for me. He lights me up in my core. His live shows are truly magical and Sunday's performance lived up to my exceedingly high expectations.

I shouldn't be so blue about having to wait to see him again but for some reason I am. Nothing compares to the live experience. His creativity is infectious. With this being his third tour since the release of Continuum the set list was all time. Instead of sitting back and playing the same gig city after city with minor change ups, you can see that he's in it for the same reason thousands flock to see him. He continually raises the bar for himself and gives a phenomenal performance that moves even lukewarm fans. You simply can't leave a show and not have had a 'life changing experience'.

"If we're playing to 15,000 people and the paychecks get bigger," he pointed out, "then the creative stakes get higher." That is what I love. You don't know what he'll give you and every time it's fantastic in a new way. His love for the music is contagious with no antidote (not that you'd want one).

Perhaps his blog entry after Chicago's performance sums it up:
1 hour, 12 minutes post show.
Chicago...This has become more than just ticket sales and career advancement.
In fact, this has nothing to do with it.
These shows have transcended.
This is about making 20,000 people feel okay in the world.
Not alone.
To the magazines, blogs, entertainment shows, et al...I say to you with my chest out and a big part of Chicago to stand behind me and back me up: You may have my image, but you cannot take my sound.

For some people "art" must be obscure and not so common or mainstream. While JM's tunes are widely known, I would argue that he does not succumb to sellout success and rest on his laurels. He is constantly upping the ante for himself and that resonates with me. To feel alive and stimulated is to stretch yourself. Trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. Not succeeding perfectly every time but giving it a good go. At Sunday's show Mr. Mayer debuted a new song (Taking on Water) reflecting his vulnerability and being a model for the rest of us. It hasn't been perfected and finessed in the studio but he gave it a shot.

I am very comfortable with our plan to continue to indoctrinate the kids with John Mayer's music. What better example of expressing your God given gift and spreading the love. (Side note: My kids can't wait to turn 10 because that is when they get to go to a live show with Mom and Dad.) In our house he is one of the greats!

Me and Michelle. See what a I mean...A moving experience!

P.S. Another concert confession...I brought binoculars in an effort to see Jen. While I heard she was on site I was not able to confirm it myself. (That is not at all about art, is it?)

P.P.S. If you haven't ever experienced JM live, go to Sophie's Lounge to see a four song set from San Diego yesterday. It's a bit like a sound check for him and his energy is low but at least you can spend about 26 minutes enjoying the vibe.

Photo credit: OC Register, and moi

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mybelle68 said...

Gotta love that John. He made me , my husband,my sister in-law and brother in-law huge fans , all in a matter of one evening. By the way, who is your crazy friend? ( wink wink)