Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Vacation: Week Four

Friday, July 17, 2009
This past week was quintessential summer in Southern California. Amazingly gorgeous skies and water with a perfect blend of sunshine and breeze. We started the week continuing to host Auntie Em with some limitations and finished with gusto. It was been a perfect visit for our Midwestern auntie/sister to be here. Here's what we were up to:


: Beach Days: With Auntie Em visiting we were extra motivated to hit the beach. And I think our efforts paid off. She's planning a move out west.


: Family Pool Party: Clearly we are water people and will take any chance we can get to hit the pool. But family pool parties are even better. Instead a cute kid snapshot I decided to share some of the adult beauties in our family. A handsome lot of siblings, don't say? (Ok, I'm biased and clearly smitten with the one on the left.)


: Quail Botanical Gardens: Lushness abounds. (Are those real words?)


: Sunset Runs to the Beach: Yielding a certain someone an injury on his toe, what tough guy doesn't know how to pour on the 'sadness' when it means cuddle time with mom?


: Overcoming Reservations: Our cautious Christopher hit the waves with fellow newbie, Ava, and tried surfing. It was a flat day, but perfect for boosting my guy's confidence. Brings tears to a mama's eyes. Simple pleasures.

Em photo

: Hiking: Beach hiking with my sister was special time. After some medical challenges she tackled stairs she thought were not possible making for even more blessed togetherness.


: Experiments: Christopher is our budding scientist. He loves to make a good fire from a magnifying glass and sun. As long as nothing he attempts to burn is alive I let this roll. Fool, you say? Perhaps.


: Riding Lessons: For the dolls. Anna had some friends over and gave their wee compadres riding lessons. Notice the boots and get up. Um, a little warm for the cowgirl wear, no? Far be it for me to interfere with a vision.

: Late Night Spin Sessions with Friends: Husband had a man date and the rest of us were lucky enough to get an invite to dinner with some friends. Good food, good debate and most of all good tunes. Bad mom kept the crew up for an extra fun summer night. Got caught in a trip down memory lane in 'name that tune'. A good end to a great week indeed.

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mybelle68 said...

Very inpressed with Christopher surfing. I don't think I could get either boy up, well maybe the little one. Was DAD helping?