Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Vacation: Week 3

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Another week of summer vacation flies by. We have Auntie Em visiting for a few weeks. She's a big beach lover and enjoys boogie boarding so we've made extra effort to get there when we aren't sun soaked. Some other highlights of our week:


: Drilling: Christopher got to work on some very important projects that required lots of drilling. Lots and lots of drilling.


: Tending the garden

: Summer reading: We enrolled in the summer reading program at the library. Christopher finished two of his three chapter books the first day. Parker 'read' his spider man book (not my choice!) in the car all week. Anna picked out some of my old favorites including Arthur and his adventures. My highlight was seeing the kids walk out of the library all clutching their books like treasures. Now if only I could read a word or two before passing out each night I'd be a really happy reader.

: Ballet recital: Anna had her recital. She really enjoys ballet and is angelic on stage but she is also appreciating a break.

: Camping in: Christopher wanted to camp out in the back but opted for a first run in the playroom. Our annual Lake Powell trip is around the corner and there will be lots of opportunities for sleeping under the stars on the upper deck of the houseboat. (I won't mention the bats.)


: Hanging at the beach with family: We had a few days at the beach this week. Our highlight was hanging around (literally) our cousins.

: Sprinkles: With sister visiting, we need to get in our field trips. We hit Laguna and popped by Zinc's for a yummy sandwich, hit the park and ventured to Sprinkles. I'm not a huge cupcake person (I know, shudder at the thought) but the lemon blueberry was worth the trip for me. Red velvet was not bad either.


: Working on our motorhome: It may be a Lego set but it's right up our alley. I love the Lego City sets. This one has a bike and surfboard, as well as a completely outfitted interior with upper cabin sleeping.

: Swimming: More swimming. Christopher perfected his cannonballs and Anna worked on her side breathing. Happy to report both are steadily improving.

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LOVE the picture of Anna at her recital!