Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Decluttering Inspiration

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
When I was younger I used to crank up the tunes and suds up. A little good music went a long way with me. It still does if I am cleaning. Organizing, on the other hand, takes a little more to get me going.

I know full well the reason is my whole feng shui is off and I am cluttered out of house and home. It's not me!! I promise. I am actually a very organized person. I have just had three kids, my own business and helping my husband here and there with his. The needed organizing has taken a back seat to other seemingly pressing matters--or just plain fatigue. (Note: If I was a messy, cluttery person at heart these things wouldn't bother me. You dig?) Up until this point, I have been hanging on with the daily maintenance of life for a family of five.

Well, no longer. Since my business is on hold indefinitely while the financial markets continue to tank, I suddenly have an opportunity to address the closets and toys and ....

So, for inspiration for clearing out, I head to my friend (and neighbor)'s house. She has the same layout as me, three kids like me but a much cleaner and more clear house than me. To top it off, whenever I do pop in, she can often be found reading a book or thumbing through a magazine. I don't see her scurrying around making her house spotless. It just is. Sigh.

Stopping in at Brandy's for a cup of coffee and a chat is just the motivation I need to come home and tackle a project. Just being in a clutter-free zone releases me and makes me feel better. I want the same for my space. The surfaces may be ok in my house but be advised when opening that closet or pantry. Only I can tell you where the cupcake liners are.

You can sneak a peak at Brandy's house from her daughter's party, posted here.

Also, I like this book for a more methodical approach to decluttering.

What is your decluttering method? Any tips for me?

Photo from Martha Stewart


Sarah's Fab Day said...

You have no idea how much I wish I had some tips for you. For instance if you were to drop by my house there would be toys out, maybe my carpet would be vacuumed and I know I would have laundry to be folded. I wish I was totally organized like your friend, maybe one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Everything you said is exactly me!! I'm living in a cluttered life that just isn't me!! On the surface we look great, but the loss of organization is actually beyond overwhelming to me.

jora said...

This is the tip my VERY ORGANIZED husband has taught me. Stop buying stuff and get rid of stuff you don't need. It's hard. Very hard. But the less you have, the less there is to organize, pick up, keep track of. Once you break yourself of the shopping cycle (not that I have), it becomes easier and it actually feels quite liberating!