Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plan On It

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
I think the time has come that we need to have a family calendar--online. You may recall my love of my planner. It works great for me but we have reached the point where others need to be involved. If I am going to raise good, responsible kiddos that are in any way a reflection of living with me, they need to walk away with a sense of planning and preparation.

It's one thing for me to micro manage the calendar and everyone's comings and goings. But now, the husband has dates he is coaching and events he is participating in, etc. And with three kids, each in a sport and creative endeavor, it's a lot to manage. I fear I must release the reigns (or at least appear to.).

So, I have taken to using Google's calendar. I have it online so I can access from any "station" in the house. The husband can take a quick look if he is planning something at the office. I also print one out for the kids to see. As with my personal system I color code each person's activity, assignment or appointment. It also helps with repeating events. It's just more efficient to enter it once, even if you have ballet every week. Am I wrong?!

For the moment I have my trusty planner and the Google calendar which seems a bit redundant but I still need to write things down and flip through the pages of the year. Maybe one day I will progress to completely paperless. Dare to dream.

What works for you?

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Sarah's Fab Day said...

I kinda played around on Google calendar, I'll have to give it a better look.

Anonymous said...

I am a trusty planner girl too but what changed our lives is to have a weekly calendar on the fridge. That has helped us tremendously. I still keep the main schedule in my planner and write it on the fridge so the hubby can see. Maybe someday electronic, but for now this works great. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow---I hope when I'm a mom I can be as efficient and organized as you! for now i just make a lot of lists...there are always random pieces of paper with lists on them, floating around the house, cluttering up my purse. not the best system, i know!