Monday, December 8, 2008

Making 'Our' Paper

Monday, December 8, 2008
As I was growing up and the presents made their way under the Christmas tree the anticipation grew with each new addition. We had one very important rule. You can look but you can not touch.

I was a compliant kid and didn't man handle the packages. Moreover, I really didn't want to ruin the fun of knowing ahead of time what I was getting (not to mention the deception I'd have to master to appear as though I had no idea.). The excitement of that moment was rare and I wanted to savor it. But, as a mom, I know not all kids are wired that way.

So every year I pick a theme and color code the wrapping. This year, I'm feeling 'organic' so I went with parcel wrapping paper--plain brown paper. Each member of our family has their gifts adorned with a different color yarn. (green for CL, red for Anna, cream for PJ, etc.). The catch is, I am the only one who knows the code. I don't put any tags on the gifts (for our immediate family). It's an added precaution, all in the name of preserving innocence and prolonging anticipation.
For the rest of the peeps in our lives, I wanted to involve the kids and make the gifts we give truly from all of us. Hardly original, but still very personal, we rolled out the paper and stamped our painted hands down the entry. As the husband says, "Many hands make light work."

The kiddos also got to work on another roll drawing candy canes, stars and Christmas trees. I like the simplicity and thoughtfulness they put into their creations.