Friday, December 12, 2008

Light It Up

Friday, December 12, 2008
The holidays are here, people! We have a festive weekend ahead of us.

Tonight we are heading down to one of our very favorite spots, Tony's Jacal, to ensure our kids know what good Mexican food tastes like. Then we are going to the Del Mar Festival of Lights at the racetrack. I absolutely love looking at lights--especially DIY-style. We will certainly cruise the neighborhoods and vote on our favorites.

Saturday is a big day. Starting with a Christmas Parade (featuring our niece), Anna's Grease show (she's a Pink Lady) and a Naughty and Nice Christmas party with friends.

What are your plans?


mybelle68 said...

Decorate the tree, run around and shop for a few more people and keep on being the Christmas Crab.

jora said...

Other than dealing with a clingy, fussy baby, I am HOPING to make it to our Annual Girls' Xmas Party tonight! Oh, and bake more cookies. :)

Anonymous said...

Emma had 3 birthday parties today!! Don't you hate those December birthdays?! Oh wait... that's us. ;-)