Thursday, November 6, 2008

Organic Skittles?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The kids are doing well with the Halloween candy disbursement. They accept their allotment with gratitude (so darn thankful for something with high fructose corn syrup).

I must, however, give extra kudos to Christopher for lobbying to not have his skittles count as candy because they are 'organic'. Bless his little heart. He interpreted the 'original' on the packaging to be 'organic' (enough with the quotes!).

I am oozing with pride that he contextualized the importance of organic and tried to pull one pass me. He gets an extra piece for that.


jora said...

A clever one that Christopher is! We let C-man have one piece the first day (M&Ms -- good choice), one the second (a tootsie pop -- lasts a long time!) then we fed the rest to the chickens. I can't believe how well the whole thing went! I'm sure next year he won't be so susceptible to our suggestions. ;)

Mama Bj said...

Jora: Don't loose hope. We let them have pick of the litter Halloween night and then tuck the candy away. They don't even ask us about it. This is the first year we've given them candy past that first night. It might sound harsh to some but they don't miss it. You can totally swing that with c-man.

Nichole said...

Girls, what we do every year, and have done since we've started the trick or treat process is... We allow the girls to have some candy from what we purchased (so we know it's "safe") on Halloween. Then, as we go trick or treating and pass our house, we dump out the goods into the 'to be handed out' basket. We NEVER see it again, and they NEVER ask for it again! And because we started this process from the beginning, they don't know the difference! :) The best part is they have wonderful bills of health from the dentist too! :) See... it's a WIN WIN! :)

mybelle68 said...

What are you telling me?????? Skittles are NOT organic?