Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Picking Our Pack of Perfect Pumpkins

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Selecting the perfect pumpkin takes time and consideration. We each have our own preference.

Christopher relishes in the freedom of choice. With an abundance of classic orange pumpkins in a great wide open field he carefully selects a tall and slightly more mature pumpkin. (We have our doubts that it will last through the month.) Fresh fall air + open field of pumpkins = one happy boy.

Anna and I delight in a vast selection of Cinderella pumpkins. You know, the shorter and wider, more interesting (in my opinion) pumpkins. What makes our hunt especially fun is the different color choices. Anna's is a storybook blend of muted orange and moss green. It's like no other.

Parker could hardly care less which pumpkin he has, just as long as he has a pumpkin (like sister and brother).

I am smitten with a particular simple all white Cinderella pumpkin. Just perfect to me.

Our perfect pack of pumpkins!

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mybelle68 said...

I love a good pumpkin, and it looks like a got a few great ones.
Your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.