Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Ghostly Craft: Family-Style

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
The beauty and curse of my big kids maturing and growing in their awareness is that they call me out on things I used to be able to fly under the radar. Like Halloween decorations. As I have stated before, I am easy to scare and have never fully embraced the dark side of Halloween, so I preferred to ignore it mostly and move on to Thanksgiving. Well, now the kids curiosity and desire to be festive has challenged me to decorate and celebrate in a fun and whimsical way. So, we decided to make flying angel ghosts. And with all things Bj, this very simple craft was a full family affair.

To start off you need some fabric (I used some left over satin and some basic cotton craft fabric from Michaels. If you only get one fabric I suggest the satin. It is more whimsical and the frayed edges are more ghastly.), styrofoam balls for the heads, fishing line, scissors, a sharpie and a needle.

These couldn't be more simple. Just cut your fabric to your desired size and place your styrofoam head in the center.

Use your fishing line to tie a knot and make the neck.

Use a sharpie or marker to draw eyes and any other features you desire.

I then thread the fishing line through the top of the head to hang from our tree. The fishing line in transparent so the ghosts look like they are flying in the breeze.

One by one we add them to our tree (good thing Daddy has a spotter.).

Voila. A little group of ghosts flying around.


Amy said...

Cute little ghosties! It probably goes without saying, but halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Trev cut out wood ornaments, 6 each of cats, bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and candy corn and we painted them. They have lasted for years and look so beautiful swaying in the wind. We have matching x-mas ones too. I will try and send a picture

Vicki said...

I love it. We used to make these as kids...I didn't remember how cool they are!

Kim said...

so fun, thanks for reminding me of this fun project. did it with my daughter this weekend and it was so fun. she loved it and it looks really cute!!