Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Little More Do-Da: Anna's Travel Kit

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anna's Travel Pack

On a recent day trip down the coast it dawned on me that I need to step up my kids' travel packs and make them more individualized based on their current interests. The typical coloring book and art supplies is too standard. Like my husband often says, we need a little more do-da!

Anna will delight in her 'girlie kit'. While this does challenge my desire to instill non-sexist values and we don't want to be gender dominant, I am sure she will get great mileage out of this kit. I honestly think this will keep her occupied for the entire flight and certainly throughout the trip. She enjoys a good hand cream and some gloss like the rest of us, in spite of all the opportunities she has to play with matchbox cars. (But that's another post.)

Here's what I packed for her in a pink make up case, of course (pardon the photo, not my best work)...

* felt flower headband
* make up brush (just because brushes are fun)
* hand cream (raided from a gift with purchase I had stashed away for such an occasion)
* ring lip gloss
* chap stick (it's not girlie or glamorous but it is organic and I had to throw in something decent)
* classic goodie hair clips
* nail file
* press on nails (This will make her very happy and annoy me to no end--that's what kind of mom I am. Taking one for the team)
* Hello Kitty band aids (band aids are like stickers for my kids)
* tissues
* make your own trinket necklace
* bracelet
* eye mask
* brush and mirror (folds up into compact case)
* more lip gloss (mercy, she'll have shiny lips)


jora said...

Can I hire you to make one for C-man too?

Sarah's Fab Day said...

She will love it! All the potions and the press-on nails, you are one good Mama.

jennifer said...

i have been looking high & low for classic goody clips. where can you still buy them?


Mama Bj said...

Jennifer: I found them at Target. I haven't seen them for awhile but they were just there last week. Good luck.