Monday, August 4, 2008

What In The Hay-Hoo?

Monday, August 4, 2008
Ok, this is the post where I throw my kids under the bus and publish a not-so-glamorous moment. But, it's necessary. You see we took a serendipitous jaunt down to San Diego today. Within 20 minutes our three kiddos were all sacked out, snoring even. This wouldn't be post worthy except that a week ago we spent a total of 20 HOURS in the car (broken up over four travel days) on our trip to Lake Powell. The first leg of the trip we left at 4 am so the drive would be easy on the kids--you know, so they could sleep most of the way.

Of the 20 hours in the car it broke down something like this....
6 year old = 0 hours sleep
5 year old = 0 hours sleep
20 month old = 3 hours sleep (TOTAL!)
Mama = 5 hour migraine on the last leg

So, I ask you What in the hay-hoo happened on that trip to prevent some shut eye? We can hop in the car and head south for 40 minutes and suddenly they are sacked out?! Look at them. Heads back and open mouths. What gives?


Anonymous said...

This posting cracked me up!! I feel ya, sista.

jora said...

I can never get kids to sleep in the car when they are "supposed to." Mine always seem to do it right when we are almost home and it's time for naps.....then they wake up and no nap! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!