Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bake Sale

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
The neighborhood kiddos gathered for a bake sale. The idea started brewing days before. The discussion in the car went something like this:

Kate: I really want some new glasses.
Anna: I really want a pony.
Christopher: I really want a new wallet.
Mama: What could you do to earn some money for those things?
Kate: Well, I had a lemonade stand once.
Anna: We went to a lemonade stand before.
Anna: Maybe we could sell treats for $65.
Mama: That's a really good idea. Let's see how that goes. We might need to change the price, but we'll see.
Kate, Anna and Christopher: Can we do it NOW?!

And so it began. We managed several good of activities out of it. First we made signs that Anna posted on the front of the house--which promptly blew away. Turns out scotch tape doesn't stick to stone so well.

Then we made fruit loop necklaces for the participants. A great way to satiate the anxious sellers while brownies and rice krispy treats cooled. (It's very hard to be around so many treats and not have any yourself.)

Don't discount the opportunities with set up. You might be surprised what these big little minds consider. (Certainly a cash register and microphone are essentials.)

And don't forget the important marketing campaign. Door to door notification of the fantastic assortment of treats awaiting our nice neighbors at the park. Watermelon, M&Ms in a cup, banana muffin, peanut butter cookies, rice krispy treats, and Olympic brownies.

The sale was great fun. As with everything Mama Bj tackles there were some learning experiences. First of all, the mamas had to remember it was a kids' bake sale. We were tempted to help out more than the kids needed us to. Thank goodness we have each other to give a 'back off' nudge.

Secondly, some people have no soul. I sort of jest. But seriously, who can pass by a cheerful group of kids ringing a triangle and shouting 'bake sale'?

Finally, don't loose hope. Several very generous folks donated more than their quarter's worth payment for goods to the efforts of these youngins.

At the end of the day Kate might just have enough for those new pair of super specs and Christopher is well on his way to a new wallet. Once again Anna is a little short on the pony purchase.