Wednesday, July 2, 2008

John Mayer: Where the Light Is

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So I hustled my bustle to pick up the just released Where the Light Is film and set by John Mayer. I felt the biggest triumph possible when I secured the last copy on the shelf (sorry Michelle!). Phew, crisis averted.
I couldn't even contain my interest in seeing the film by Danny Clinch but would settle for listening to it as the kids viewed it on the overhead DVD in the Suburban on the way home.

That's right, the kids. You see we have been indoctrinating them with John Mayer since birth. It's mostly me, but my husband is the real musician in the family (I'm just a wanna be, groupie, hanger on). Being a fan of SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn) he can appreciate John's guitar talent and vocals.

We often put his DVDs on while we have dinner or the kids are playing around the house. They enjoy seeing the music and how it is created as well as hearing it. (Truth be told, I do have hopes for a modern day Partridge Family.)

So, when Christopher declared that there was a "Disc format E-R-R-O-R" the panic began to rush over me. What?! I must have inserted it improperly. Try again. No avail. Disc format error. At this point I fumbled for the packaging (yes, I was driving) and sure enough there was some verbiage I can't comprehend....Blue-Ray Disc "Experience High Definition". Say what?!

Does that mean I can only play this amazing music and film on special equipment? What and where do I acquire the necessary means to play the disc?!

So, I am off to research. I may end up on Jack and Adrienne's couch (welcome home!) just to get my fix. If all else fails I know I will get a live fix at the end of the month. His concerts are amazing. Life changing. I know why he tries to capture it on film to share. More people must experience greatness!

Note to reader: If you know anything about this Blue-Ray business, help a sista out. Enlighten me.

Post script: Rest assured, I have just ordered the DVD version. Anyone in the market for a brand new Blue-Ray Disc?


Live, Love, Laugh said...

Blu-ray uses a blue laser to read discs and the DVD player uses a red laser to read. Blu-ray can read both formats and a DVD player can only read DVDS & CD's. You would need to get a DVD player that supports blu-ray disc. The Jay and Dave play blu-rays on their Play Station 3. Hope this was helpful!

Adrienne said...

You are welcome on our couch anytime, DVD emergency or not. And if you bring some SRV tunes, you can stay into the wee hours of the night!

mybelle68 said...

I hope you let " John" know about this.....