Monday, October 18, 2010

Math: Wrap Ups

Monday, October 18, 2010
We are always looking for ways to practice and develop our math facts. Card games are a big win since playing doesn't feel like drilling. Time in the car can be the most perfect opportunity to practice and challenge addition, subtraction, fractions and even beginning multiplication.

Enter, Basic Math Wrap Ups.

(Side bar: Before you read on and hit the panic button, let me share that this post almost didn't go up when I saw my boy's nails in these photos. Holy black claws, Batman! Who is his mother anyway?! You must know he doesn't live in a complete state of filth. We just returned from the kids' first session on a potter's wheel. Evidently, we brought a little clay home with us--and he is overdo for a nail trim. Another post, for another time. For now, stick with me and please focus on math, not the nails. Much obliged.)

As I was saying, the plastic keys function with a long string that you use to wrap up as you select the correct answer for the operation.

2010-October 031

4 + 7 = 11

2010-October 034
6 + 9 = 15

2010-October 032
And so on

2010-October 033

Once you have finished the key, turn it over. If your string path is correct you will will have properly matched the lines and not see anything.

2010-October 035

If you have an incorrect answer, your string pattern will differ from the raised lines that are the answer key. (If this description doesn't wow you and you want to see an animated instruction video, click here.)

* For a kinesthetic learner, the hands on manipulation is great.

* For a competitive child, there are plenty of ways to increase the challenge and add a time to your drilling. Setting a goal of how many correct keys can be completed before picking up your brother, for instance, is a common practice in our car.

* For a reluctant mathematician, these are a good way to build confidence and skill.

Wrap ups are fantastically simple and portable and come in a variety of other subjects such as Spanish, vocabulary, and even music theory. These self paced tools are a pretty good fit for most any student.

You can purchase these handy keys from a variety of places, like Amazon,with several options (packs or individually sold, etc.). But to let you in on a little secret, I almost always prefer Rainbow Resources when they have what I'm looking for. The pricing is hard to beat!

And for the record, I (foolishly) don't have any contact with the companies of the products I mention or, dare I say, endorse. Perhaps I should review my options a little better since I am pretty selective about what I share with you all. But for now, it's just free marketing for them. (Read: I need a plan!)

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180|360 said...

These are cute! I've never seen them before. I love having stuff like this for the car. Can't wait to check out Rainbow Resources. Thanks!