Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Year of Plenty

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Want to get lost in a blog for awhile? Check out Year of Plenty. There are countless posts and links to pertinent discussions about our food, how it is produced, the effects of it, and the insatiable cycle of consumption.

Year of Plenty started as a chronicle of a Spokane family's journey to consume everything local, used, homegrown or homemade for one year. From that experience came a movement they are passionately sharing. Stay tuned for details on their book deal!

I love this beautiful description of their journey:

"We find ourselves in the midst of boundaries
between food and land, home and farm, faith and environment
and hopefully this blog offers some meaningful crossings
of those boundaries. "

We may be completely biased since these lovely folks are our extended family. But truly I am so refreshed by their perspective and resources. Wander over and see for yourself.

Photo from Year of Plenty

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