Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing Up [& Some Blog Love]

Thursday, July 1, 2010
I naturally gravitate to creative doers. People who walk their talk and have dimension. I'm not much for being the big fish in a safe little pond--but rather love the inspiration and evolution that comes from trying something new; playing up.

I sometimes try to convince myself that this child-rearing season of my life appears to leave little room for that. But, that is so not the case. And that's reason number 2,539 that I love bloggers. My small, littel world is widened. My view expanded and my game is better for it. Unless they are shamelessly promoting something, bloggers are givers and teachers (or at least tutors). They know a good thing and want to share it.

I have a Google Reader filled with inspirational bloggers that meet different needs. Some offer great recipes, some are crafty, some I just enjoy their writing style, some are good homeschooling resources, and some are great designers. But my reader can fill up quite quickly if I don't tend to it regularly. And when I am as busy as this past month has had me, I don't get to every post. Honestly, I'm just not in the mood for that.

That said, there is a short list of well-known bloggers (I doubt these are new to you) that I quickly scan my Reader for a new post from. Tried and true, these gals break the moody reader mold for me. They are women who are mothers of 3+ (putting my little brood of 3 on easy street)--real life mommies who aren't posers. They post when they can and they almost always offer a useful tip. My favorites file is filled with posts saved from these ladies.

My short list of ladies who help my game:


This mother of four offers great tips for fashion, decor and design. It's the simple and elegant details that make such a difference. She shares real life, doable, ways to make every day a little better (and she's budget sensitive=bonus!). I love how she can talk about great design and then share a DIY hallway makeover or some fun rainy day cupcakes. Maybe it's just where I am these days but I find her organization posts especially helpful. (Can you tell I'm gutting the closets and redoing the file cabinets and bookshelves?)


I love Darby's photography of her everyday with her kids as well as her documenting her home renovations. She's an inspirational mother and a not-too-shabby seamstress. I am waiting for her post on her girls' dresses (hint, hint). I am bound and determined to make Anna one this summer. Until then, I have no excuse for not whipping out one of these or this cozy number. She shares great recipes, these and these are also moving their way up my list. [In the bonus round: Darby's sister, Erika, has a great blog as well. She's a new mother and designer with great inspiration.]


In addition to her lovely french influences, I look forward to Stephanie's culinary posts and her simple how-to tips. Her site is complete eye candy and her recipes are flavorful and doable on a weeknight. She has a great modern sense of style that is so refreshing. I can spend some serious time scanning her archives.


This is an obvious pick for millions of people, literally. But I turn to Ree and her contributing writer, Heather, for my homeschooling motivation. I have lots of sites that provide very detailed lapbooks, or curriculum sharing posts, and they are quite helpful when I am working on those things. But it's easy to find homeschooling mamas that go over the top and I am cautious of burn out.

Ree and Heather compile resources that are just what I am looking for, like this post. These gals are seasoned and seemingly laid back with the right focus (in my book). I watch these homeschooling posts closely and often take a page out of their playbook.


Oh Dear Gabby. We all know and love our favorite Design Mom. In truth I scan through most of the product promotions and go straight to the tips. She is so widely read and shares so much of her readers' tips that she has been a good resource for me finding new blogs to love and follow. Her innovation with Kirtsy and her progressive nature keep me checking back for what's next. My bookmarked posts from Gabby, though, are her projects with her kids. This mother of six celebrates her children's individuality and has some creative kiddos in the bunch. She provides a great launching pad for many fun projects.

I NEED inspiration as much as I need water. Whether I'm hankering for a new recipe or trying to develop my sewing or refinishing a table and chairs for the first time. Whatever 'it' is, I am continually inspired by these women who do it, with kids.

1. It's hard work being a mom.
2. The rut and trenches can suck you in if you let them.
3. Making something can be hard when you are some times just trying to get through the day.
4. Considering blogworthy is a level on top of that.
5. Finding the time to document the project and complete a post is the cherry on top.

My hat is off to these women who regularly inspire me and I appreciate that they take the time to share with us. If they can do it the same number of kids (or more) as me, then what in the hay hoo is stopping me?! I'm off to paint a table and chairs. Wish me luck!


OMSH said...

Thank you so much. With summer here my posts are entirely sporadic; though I will be posting about the re-organization/decoration of the school room; we've certainly made a few modifications around the house as of late!

I'll have to check out some of your favorite bloggers.


Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for including me! I really like the layout of your blog by the way...

180|360 said...

I love the homeschooling tips from those ladies, too! It has been so helpful as I sort through curriculum options.