Monday, June 14, 2010

Mom, I'm Bored Jar

Monday, June 14, 2010
I love Steph from Somewhat Simple's variation of an activity jar. You've probably seen or heard or even devised such a thing with your rugrats. You know for the nails on a chalkboard "Mom, I'm bored..." (Translation: "Entertain me now!") moments.

bored jar

Well, this jar is filled with lots of fun things to do, BUT it also includes some chores or tasks that aren't as fun. So, it becomes a real test of desperation as to whether or not your sweet little dear wants to go there. They may pull the fro yo ticket or get to be the boss for a day card, but they might also get a chance to clean your base boards or wipe down all the doorknobs.

Making my own version now!

P.S. You may also like Steph's new blog Crazy Domestic.


Sarah's Fab Day said...

This is the best idea ever!

Emily said...

Genious! :)

grantl said...

super smart!! although i am glad my mom didnt do this... she would have only put chores in it :/