Sunday, May 9, 2010

Magnet Mamas: Here's To You

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010-April-Happiness 044

These three adventurers pull on my heart so strong. I am so blessed for that daily tug.

We just returned from a great sermon on this Mother's Day and I am compelled to share my encouragement with fellow Mamas. Today's message began with what I thought was a sweet tender story of the power of a mother's love. It goes something like this:

A second grade teacher embarked on a lesson about magnets and their power to draw items close. [I so clearly saw where this was going...It was an analogy of a mother's love and drawing her children near and all those things that aren't important have no power, incomparable to a mother's love.]

The teacher wrapped up the magnet unit with a quiz..."I am a six letter word that picks up things."

Instead of the class recalling their week's lesson and providing the correct answer of M-A-G-N-E-T, the majority of the class answered M-O-T-H-E-R! How often have you said that in your home? "Why I am the only one who picks up around here?!" Can I get an amen?!

Here I was prepared for a lovely story about a mother's love and how her prayer and intention with her children is powerful beyond measure. And that came later but the opening story (and my drawn analogy) sticks with me.

So Magnet Mamas, cheers to you today. We try so hard to be and do so much for our family day in and day out. We try to make all the 'right' choices and to raise our kids up right. Sometimes, the most simple things are the most powerful. Say a prayer for your children today. Draw them near to you and that which you believe. Nothing is stronger than a mother's prayer, not even a magnet.

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