Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Butterfly Lapbook

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Anna and I are having a good time at home learning and growing in confidence--both of us. One of the greatest advantages, in my eyes, to homeschooling is the opportunity for enrichment. We can take an interest or area of study and go deeper with it. Last week we wrapped up a unit on butterflies.
Homeschool - March 009

We conducted our own butterfly release (from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly). And we also put together our first lapbook. These are great ways, whether you are homeschooling or just looking for something to enhance your child's interests, or could even be pulled off for a rainy day(s) activity. There tons and tons of resources available. The homeschooling community I have found online is a generous group of (mostly) gals who share. You can consider most any topic and someone has likely developed a lapbook template (often free) for it. You can tailor for your student or even use it as inspiration and create something else more appropriate.

Homeschool - March 010

Our first lapbook should have included photos and documentation of our butterflies and their release but we skipped that. We followed components of this template pretty closely.

Homeschool - March 011

Anna loved the hands on artsy crafty synthesis of her learning. It was fun for her to share it over and over with anyone who would listen.

Homeschool - March 012

This week we are wrapping up a simple resurrection lapbook. Next up up is our study of Native Americans through the Courage of Sarah Noble. This will be a more involved study that we are both looking forward to.