Monday, February 15, 2010

Horse Mapping

Monday, February 15, 2010
Much like potty training and mapping out every loo in your route, which is 99% behind us, we have been horse mapping. With Anna homeschooling and her two brothers in two other schools, we have a bit of time running around and occasionally some waiting. But lucky for us we have found some good stables along the way. And nothing elates Anna more than horses.

hs photo 1

This could easily pass as a typical day for us (it happened to be last Thursday, but could also be tomorrow):

: Bro to school
: Home for a super great lesson with Mom
: Out to an appointment (Ok, this part probably isn't as typical)
: More stimulating learning (in the field)
: Car picnic at the stables (How's that for a good recess?!)
: Pick up lil bro
: Library
: Back home for some thought provoking lessons
: Early departure to pick up big bro - attempt at snooze cruise for lil bro - resulting in serenading new horse pals (And realizing both bros have stables near their schools. How truly convenient.).
: Swim practice for Anna, catch with mom for the boys
: Family time and dinner
: Reading and reflection

hs photo

A good day with new friends.

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Adrienne Hedger said...

That car/horse picture is great. Both informative and highly artistic. Excellent camera work, Pittsy.