Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girls' [and Boys'] Day Out

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anna and two of her besties celebrated one of their birthdays at the American Girl doll store in LA. The best part is that the mama are good buds too. So, we had the most fabulous time heading to the Grove for the day. The training starts early: We started our morning with a 'Bucks stop. Watched the Hannah Montana movie (I will confess that I'm pretty tight with what my kids watch but I really liked this movie. For that reason, I graciously offered to sit in the middle row of the car 'with the little girls'--all so I could watch the movie too.).

We had reservations for lunch and while I am not overly impressed with the actual food, AG gets high marks for presentation. They know how to make these girls feel special.

Naturally there was a bit of shopping involved. I was impressed with the scrutiny these little ladies used when selecting to spend their precious dollars at a sometimes over priced store. You have to be discriminating and determine if you can make that item yourself, buy a better one on Etsy, or realize it is a waste altogether. All three girls made good choices and we didn't have to spend a fortune or cry our way out of the store.


All the while the girls (and Mama's) are enjoying a ladies' day out, the boys were basking in a little slice of Heaven themselves. Dad had great visions of beach fishing but really, the boys just wanted to dig, rock hunt and explore.

While we had vastly different days, in the end we all felt like we had indulged in some special-ness (I know that's not really a word). Many thanks for the great day, friends.


Adrienne Hedger said...

It was a great time! But I notice one picture missing... you and Mr. Abercrombie?? It's a classic one, for sure. Maybe you're planning a separate post about that.

Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................