Monday, January 4, 2010

Crisis Averted

Monday, January 4, 2010


Just two days before the scare..Looking good for a gal of her age, wouldn't you say?!

Phew. We had a close call on New Year's Day. Our beloved Lizzy fell very ill. She is about to celebrate her 12th birthday so a little illness can really throw a gal of her....maturity.

Perhaps it was the NYE party and all the [nearly] fatal treats we served to little people (who proceeded to drop and grind into our carpet, likely cleaned up by our faithful Liz). Or maybe it was just a our horrible bout of stomach illness that transferred to K9 proportion (Is that even possible?). Either way, we've had a few lessons learned.

1. From this day forward, we are celebrating every. single. day. our dear Liz is with us.

2. We've made a pack to send her out big and have some good things on the books for her this year. She has to stick around to enjoy them.

3. Whenever we have a party, she will be safely tucked away until all potentially lethal food (like chocolate and grapes) is far from her tongue's reach.

4. Little people will eat outside or at a table. No walking and eating (sounds like a fun party, huh?!). Not just for Lizzy's sake, but also for my carpet's. Let's bring some civility to the youngins.

So, I am relieved to report that Liz is mostly back to normal and we are off 'watch'. It was dicey and there were a few days I was actually afraid to check her. I tell you with full conviction, I am not ready for the circle of life to hit her. I plan for her to break all Labrador records and live many, many, many....more years. Deal?! (There is nothing wrong with denial! Leave me be.)

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