Friday, December 18, 2009

For The Love of Writing: Love Journals

Friday, December 18, 2009

comp book 2

One of my favorite gifts to bestow on new couples is a love journal. The beauty of the book is it's compilation of love letters to one another in one place and over time there is a wonderful story that evolves. My husband and I have one and while it isn't a daily journal by any means, it's fun to write a little something special to him and then hide it in his work bag or in his sock drawer, you get the picture. Then, he returns the treat, when I least expect it.

Since I have emerging writers who could certainly use a little encouragement and even a little trip down story lane, I decide to start the same thing with them. I just jazzed up some composition books and wrote a little something to get them started. The rules are simple.

1. They can write about anything they want to.
2. If they want me to write back or contribute to a story, they just have to leave their journal on my pillow.
3. There really aren't any rules.

I have some fun story starters that we can tap into if we need to. Initially I anticipate some love notes filling the pages of our books. It's supposed to be a gift for them but I am excited about what is to come from their sweet little minds and hearts.