Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful for 'O'ptimism

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the glass is half full

O is for optimism

I believe that life is good. Period. There are bumps and hurdles but I truly see things as half full. There is always a silver lining. Sometimes it's buried and finding it can be a challenge, but it is always there.

I am grateful for the gumption of optimism; that it allows for aiming towards a plentiful path rather than looking back and wallowing. Better to try and learn - even if it means having to try again - then to never have tried at all.

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Anonymous said...

I am grateful for Others' Optimism! I tend to be an Eyore in life & appreciate the optimism of people like you Sarah & my hubby Chad. Pulls me off the ledge & gives me perspective. Thank you!

Adrienne Hedger said...

Grateful for the "O" that we're all thinking about but aren't saying...

That's right: Oprah. What were YOU thinking?

mybelle68 said...

Outgoing. I am thankful my kids are outgoing. They have never been the kid affraid for me to drop them off at school, a friends house or church. They have strong sence of themselves they are outgoing and I'm thankful.