Friday, October 2, 2009

The S Word

Friday, October 2, 2009


So yesterday was a sick day for Anna, although she actually seemed to be OK. She had a fever the day before so we stayed home to make sure she was free and clear. Ultimately, it was a mental health/rest day for her. Not so much for me.

I had plans for an unassuming afternoon of outdoor play as I was going to be with six kids (three of my own and three of my girlfriend's while she had an appointment). Off we went to school to pick up brother. One major bene of my kids' school is that I have the option to avoid hallway chaos and can just call my student out to meet me at my car. Nice, huh? While I like to connect with their teachers, yesterday was a perfect day to execute that option, especially since I had two two year olds on my watch.

My plans were foiled. Unlike every other day I have called my kids out, this time I was needed by the teacher! Oh great, that is never good. What did my good boy do?!

Well, it appears that there was an 'incident'. "I am so surprised but Christopher had a situation today. He said the S word to a classmate." Reported his teacher.

"What S word?" I unassumingly asked.

"THE S word."

After reviewing the details with her we both walked away a little surprised. I mean it's not that I think he isn't going to have a locker room confrontation (as was the case here), or pick up something from a friend, or worse yet catch the husband and I as we slip up. But the S word?! That's just not one we use.

When I had a chance to speak to my boy alone I was considering what privilege this warranted loosing. Time to investigate what went down.

Here's how it played out:

"So, what happened today with Daniel? Did you say sh*t?"

"Mom, sh*t isn't even a real word."

Nodding my head...Plotting my next angle to trap him in a fib.

"Sh*t. What does sh*t mean anyway?"

"Nothing," I stammer. "It's not a word we use. I'm not telling you. I don't want you to know."

"Whatever. Sh*t is silly."

So, follow me here. He didn't say sh*t to his classmate, didn't even know the word, UNTIL NOW. Until I had a very shitty conversation with him at the park (with plenty of little people in range). Good mom.

Upon further investigation, I discover the awful S word was STUPID. He confessed his locker room scuffle about the fourth grade Domination Duck team resulted in him telling his friend that that team was.....STUPID.

I circled back with the teacher to share in our relief that he hadn't actually said THE S word. Perhaps the best part of this story for me is that no one actually told her he said sh*t. She assumed it because none of the boys could bring themselves to tell her the oh-so-bad word. We shared a chuckle and let him think he had said an incredibly disparaging word.

The moral of this story? Not all innocence is lost.

Have a great weekend.


mybelle68 said...

There must be something in the air, My oldest wanted to know what the middle finger was all about. I was trying to share sorta (not nice to do...rude) but not in front of the little one who will think it's funny to get a rise out of others. Ugggh, But we where in the car. Not my favorite conversation the the little ears.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! Emma was called a bitch last year by another 1st grader... but she didn't even know what she was called because she'd never heard the word before. Another kid told and got the girl in trouble. Emma was clueless about the whole thing and has been begging me to tell her the word that she was called.

Emily said...

That is hilarious.
So much for keeping those words a secret.